The Habitat

The Habitat is possibly the biggest initiative at LaSource and will actually consist of a wide range of sub projects that people are welcome to be involved in.

The Habitat Initiative Aims

  • To build an ultra-sustainable home and other structures which employs a wide range of sustainable technology and techniques and develop what is possible.
  • To provide a demonstration of sustainable practices as well as a test bed for furthering sustainable practices that can be accessed by appointment for others interested in replicating aspects of the Habitat.
  • Provide a low cost eco-tourism option as well as a venue for training and learn by doing and seeing.
  • Document research and development for the Habitat and publish as “Open Sustainability”.


  • Create the master initiative and spawn multiple sub-projects through the not-for-profit sustainability organisation.
  • Provide opportunities for students and researchers in a range of educational institutions to plan, develop or deploy practical proof of concept projects.
  • Establish co-operative arrangements with the local community and interested commercial organisations to demonstrate both co-operative shared outcomes and an opportunity to present this to a wider audience.
  • Provide the facilities to enable other opportunities at LaSource that will attract visitors for other reasons, yet expose them to the value of sustainable practices.

A link to the Initiatives will be provided as soon as it is made public on the Internet.

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