Wildlife Corridor initiative

La Source lies between a crown land reserve (that has river frontage to the Mongarlowe river) and other properties with large areas of native forest. With Pastoral properties either side, La Source can provide a wildlife corridor to native species. The establishment of the corridor also provides the opportunity to plant endangered native species.

Wildlife corridors provide a pathway for native species to move through the environment without coming to points where human development restricts their movement. A common example is the small bird species which are dependent on thick undergrowth to hide from eagles and hawks as well as foxes. Small birds avoid crossing between stands of shrubs if they are too far apart.

A “Trees on farm” grant application has been submitted in co-operation with one of our neighbors to plant trees and shrubs along a shared boundary. We are patiently awaiting notice.

If we are successful in out bid for this grant we are going to need helpers to plant thousands of seedlings. If you would like to be informed of planting events please use our “contact us” form with your contact details.

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