Student and Research initiatives

Research Initiatives overview

As a result of a range of initiatives at La Source from Bush Regeneration and preservation through to developing sustainable practices and the habitat a range of research initiatives will be undertaken at La Source.

These research initiatives provide La Source, visitors and specialists alike, the opportunity to exercise and develop their skills in a range of disciplines whilst contributing to a database of information that can be shared both locally and internationally. Wherever not prohibited by proprietary or commercial issues of third parties, La Source aims to also publish the methods and findings to permit other interested people and researchers to leverage the information.

Many Research initiatives will be drawn from well known common or specialist knowledge however will be presented in an easy to understand yet thorough way. Examples may include;

  • Estimating Solar energy and wind resources
  • Identifying local plant species
  • Developing new space heating and cooling methods
  • Structural or Thermal properties of sustainable materials
  • Reestablishing threatened flora or fauna
  • Evaluation of permaculture, natural sequence farming and other techniques

Student involvement with La Source

La Source aims to provide opportunities for mature students, especial pre and post doctorate university students to undertake real world projects. Some will involve analysis some implementation, some management or measurement components of greater projects, Others may include all of the above. La Source will provide support and access to students and in some cases offer prizes or commissions.

To assist the student La Source will endeavour to provide the services necessary for the handover of one stage of a project to another student in a later academic period thus allowing projects to be “right sized” but also allowing sophisticated projects to evolve. An example of this handover process is as follows, (each number could be a different student researcher)

  1. Identifies native local flora
  2. Identifies native local fauna
  3. Identifies local plant pests
  4. Identifies local animal pests
  5. Plans a flora regeneration project
  6. Executes a flora regeneration project
  7. Assess the success of a flora regeneration project

A simpler project that may include all stages could be one where;

The student assesses a particular erosion site, proposes and and manages a mitigation project and implements it along with La Source and other interested parties, and finally (perhaps in the final year) assess the result.

Whilst La Source is endeavoring to promote professional advances in sustainable practices and thus will primarily be involved with Tertiary education, proposals from primary or secondary student projects will be considered.

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