Natural pond

The Dam at La Source is in fact an “Erosion Control device” rather than just a standard farm dam. Unfortunately it has also had a history of faults requiring repair. The Natural pond project aims to improve the dam in two basic ways;

  • Improve its integrity through appropriate re-vegetation and other measures
  • Create a natural habitat to support wildlife

To archive this the dam will undergo these major changes;

  • Enlargement and landscaping (also providing mud-brick source material)
  • Development of a small island for protection of some species from foxes and other predators.
  • Plantings for Wind protection from hot North Westerly winds
  • Development of the controlled entry of water to the dam including silt trap and barrier island.
  • Planting in pastures above dam to slow water and trap silt
  • Plantings to increase shading
  • Provision of a stable (non-eroding) access for large animals to drink at the dam
  • Possible addition of appropriate species

In addition provision will be made to access dam water for low scale irrigation in such a way as to minimise impact on the ponds inhabitants.

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