Box Gum Grassy Woodland

At LaSource Country we suspect we may have some High Conservation value Box Gum Grassy Woodland so are in the process of confirming this. Watch this space. In the mean time why not learn more about this unique Australian habitat which once dominated Eastern Australia.

Box gum grassy woodlands are an iconic part of the eastern Australian landscape.  Widely spaced trees, predominantly of the genus Eucalyptus, gently shade a native grass and wildflower ground cover. These woodlands are dominated by white box (Eucalyptus albens), yellow box (E. melliodora), Blakely’s red gum (E. blakelyi) and (in the Nandewar Bioregion) coastal grey box or inland grey box (E.  moluccanaor E. macrocarpa). Box gum
grassy woodlands typically exist on the most productive soils throughout eastern
and south-eastern Australia, and this is why they have been preferentially cleared for
agriculture. As a result of this clearing, in combination with high levels of grazing, fertiliser application and cultivation, box gum grassy woodlands are critically endangered

Locate a helpful document here or Visit Caring for our Country.

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