Errosion control initiative

There are numerous cases of erosion at La Source requiring attention. This was part of the properties selection criteria, so that we may leave the place better than we have found it. These problems do not detract from the beauty of La Source – in fact some present the visitor with spectacular formations, many of the problems are fortunately contained, by having healthy systems below them. There is however much that can be done to preserve top soils and improve water quality. Issues include;

  • Occasional scarring and loss of topsoil
  • Erosion on edge of creek
  • Head wall erosion and channels
  • Thin topsoil on hills
  • High surface runoff during rain

There are situations where Sodic soils result in channel erosion and without substantial earthworks (currently too costly), there is no clear solutions available. We here at La Source consider this an opportunity to research and develop new solutions to these vexing problems.

The neighboring creek is fairly healthy with a few exceptional areas and contains a number of permanent pools and wetlands, however blackberry and rose form part of the stabilising vegetation.  Erosion control needs to be part of this pest plant removal and re-vegetation with native species. See our Wildlife Corridor initiative.

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