Bush regeneration

LaSource was selected not only for it’s natural beauty and the opportunities it provides but also because it does have problems that need to be addressed, these include;

  • Erosion due to Sodic soils and land use problems
  • Some weed problems such as blackberry
  • Treeless hills and thin topsoils
  • Some areas which are not automatically regenerating.
  • only 10% scattered tree and bush coverage

However the following ecological advantages exist

  • Extensive native pastures
  • Grazing not permitted for more than three years (Kangaroos and wallabies an exception)
  • Scattered forest that can be developed at the edges
  • A range of diverse micro-climates harboring different species
  • Opportunities for developing a wildlife corridor not currently available
  • Reasonable biodiversity in Grasslands flora
  • A dam suitable for harvesting mud for mud brick building and the development of a natural water habitat
  • An intermittent creek with some permanent water holes.
  • Identified local species that can be supported by plantings.
  • Wonderful neighbors with similar concerns for the environment.
  • Adjoins a substantial reserve area with River frontage.

This means that LaSource provides the following natural systems opportunities (see elsewhere on this site for other Sustainable Practices initiatives).

  • Research opportunities
    • Grasslands flora and fauna
    • Forest Flora an fauna
    • Erosion abatement techniques
  • Re-vegetation projects
    • For erosion control
    • Surface re-vegetation
    • Wildlife corridor
    • Threatened species support
  • Bush foods
  • Linkage to other local bush regeneration activities
    • Land care
    • Friends of the Mongarlowe river
    • Local properties

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