LaSource Country update

Much has happened at LaSource Country in the last few years but since little has being public in nature this site has being rather dormant.


However this is about to change with the LaSource owners launching a new business providing Information Technology Services and Products, not only to Braidwood but also in Sydney, Canberra and surrounding areas. If you are interested in Information technology services, Internet related products including some custom designed for Rural and Remote people, then please visit our website People, Systems and Things


Of particular to people local to La Source Country in Tomboye/Braidwood is the beginning of The Habitat Project which aims to provide a community resources and sustainable development and research opportunity at La Source Country. This project invites participants onsite and online so come and learn about The Habitat Project.

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Box Gum Grassy Woodland

At LaSource Country we suspect we may have some High Conservation value Box Gum Grassy Woodland so are in the process of confirming this. Watch this space. In the mean time why not learn more about this unique Australian habitat which once dominated Eastern Australia.

Box gum grassy woodlands are an iconic part of the eastern Australian landscape.  Widely spaced trees, predominantly of the genus Eucalyptus, gently shade a native grass and wildflower ground cover. These woodlands are dominated by white box (Eucalyptus albens), yellow box (E. melliodora), Blakely’s red gum (E. blakelyi) and (in the Nandewar Bioregion) coastal grey box or inland grey box (E.  moluccanaor E. macrocarpa). Box gum
grassy woodlands typically exist on the most productive soils throughout eastern
and south-eastern Australia, and this is why they have been preferentially cleared for
agriculture. As a result of this clearing, in combination with high levels of grazing, fertiliser application and cultivation, box gum grassy woodlands are critically endangered

Locate a helpful document here or Visit Caring for our Country.

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This website now titled LaSource Country

This website is now titled LaSource Country to help all of us who have trouble separating our websites. LaSource Social Enterprise – Joint ventures and Partnerships with LaSource La Source Country – The wonderful place in the NSW Southern Highlands LaSource Projects – Virtual and community projects to further Sustainable Projects The Home of the LaSource Green Collection and LaSource design Services – Now also on facebook

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LaSource Country Photographic retreats

LaSource is developing Photography retreats were we offer the opportunity for both amateur and professional photographers to visit a lovely part of the Australian country side and undertake self guided, supported or a group retreats where you will be able to reinvigorate your passion for photography or develop and compare skills.

See our virtual tour for some photos taken at La Source.

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A photographic tour is now available

Visit our Virtual Tour page and go from there to an online album of photos.

Or Click on our collage for a video slide show.

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LaSource Project initiatives

A range of Project initiatives will be undertaken at La Source. Until specific commercial services are available you may find interest in the Projects at our open social enterprise and sustainability Not-for-profit activities.

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Located in Tomboye

Given LaSource is Located in Tomboye make sure you visit for local news and information. Additional information on Flora and fauna can be found on the Tomboye landcare site.


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We will be bringing you Photos of LaSource Soon

Supported by a 5 Megapixel camera on a Motorola Xoom and the the WordPress application for Android you can expect to see some photos of LaSource here in the next few weeks. This will give the visitor a better Idea of what we love about this place – at least using visible light.

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La Source is now Registered with the Wildlife Land Trust

Visit the Wildlife Land Trust and consider joining yourself.

About the Wildlife Land Trust

In 2007 Humane Society International launched the Wildlife Land Trust (WLT) Australia in an effort to preserve and protect our vital native habitats and the animals that depend on them, in a network of permanent sanctuaries both throughout the country and internationally.

Working under the guiding principle of “humane stewardship”, the WLT protects not only vast and impressive landscapes, but also the smaller, humbler places that provide for the needs of all wildlife, rare and common species alike.

Since being initiated by The Humane Society of the United States in 1993, the WLT has grown to protect more than 1.8 million acres of habitat in Australia, Canada, South Africa, USA, Belize, Romania, Jamaica, India and Indonesia.

Continue reading

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A great bunch of locals

Check out some Local Community Activities planed on the Tomboye Community Site which is relevant to LaSource.

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