Welcome to LaSource Country

Welcome, you have arrived at the internet home of LaSource Country – our property on the NSW Southern table lands. The source of many things.

Are you looking for LaSource.com.au, the Green Collection, La Source Design Services or La Source Australia ? Then please click on the image below. This website is for La Source Country – Isabelle’s inspiration and home of future Art retreats. LaSource.com.au is Isabelle’s website and shop.

LaSource Green Collection website

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LaSource.net.au website news

Here we showcase the features of a special place in the upper Shoalhaven area of NSW, Australia not far from the thriving historical town of Braidwood.

LaSource is the location of a range of unique sustainable and artistic ventures which is spawning a wide range of activities from new ways of building sustainable communities at LaSourceProjects.org to LaSource Green Collection a range of sustainable products.

LaSource will also play host to a range of projects including “The Habitat” – an ultra-sustainable home and facilities and a range of projects both on site and further afield.

We are actively involved inĀ  local Landcare groups and the “Friends of the Mongarlowe River” and invite participants from the city and country to join us in many of the projects. LaSource aims to be a channel for interested people to get involved in voluntary projects on site and in the area.

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