Once again some delightful times at LaSource

Recent Holidays and time at La Source with friends and neighbors saw lots of fun and new plans. The Dam regeneration and Wildlife corridor trees all seem to be doing well. Soon we will be inviting people to join the next tree planting in April 2012.

Please visit Tomboye.Net for Local community news.

and remember various opportunities to get involved are underdevelopment at LaSourceProjects.org

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Wildlife corridor progress

For updates to this project please Visit the Tomboye Landcare site

Wildlife corridors provide a pathway for native species to move through the environment without coming to points where human development restricts their movement. A common example is the small bird species which are dependent on thick undergrowth to hide from eagles and hawks as well as foxes. Small birds avoid crossing between stands of shrubs if they are too far apart.

A “Trees on farm” grant application has been submitted in co-operation with one of our neighbors to plant trees and shrubs along a shared boundary. We are patiently awaiting notice.

If we are successful in out bid for this grant we are going to need helpers to plant thousands of seedlings. If you would like to be informed of planting events please use our “contact us” form with your contact details.

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Fire today

There was a fire in our area today and our property was affected. Thankfully the Local Rural Fire Service has come to the rescue. Fortunately no built objects seem to have been effected however there was 30 Hectares burnt, perhaps 15 Hectares of LaSource.

Fortunately no forest was lost and we look forward to regrowth. We now have the opportunity to make an alternate road that is easier for city cars to traverse.

With the Australian bush’s familiarity with fires we may find new dominant species present during regrowth. We aim to document the recovery process with photos and mark some of the areas burnt with an unburnt control area to see the differences over time.

It was all reported here..

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Tomboye Landcare started

See the news at the Tomboye Landcare site

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A meetup with a little fresh air and a chance to do some bush regeneration

I just want to let you know of an opportunity.

I will be traveling to my Property for the weekend of the 12th and 13th of February and are happy to invite anyone who is interested to join me. I have some car seats available and both beds and tents available at “The Shack” at La Source.

This week the Sydney Catchment Authority spread 144 Cubic meters of organic materials over an area at “La Source” where re-vegetation was not occurring. I will be paying half of the costs to do this, in excess of $2,500 and have reduced this, in part buy offering some labor to spread the material in some places, copse some l local plants and cast seeds over the area.

Many hands makes light work, so I though this was an opportunity to invite a few people along. I propose a few hours shared work, with a chance to enjoy our property and the surrounds and have a BBQ while we watch the sun go down. It may offer some time to reflect on sustainability and I would love to share with you my vision for La Source. There will be plenty of free time and a property or bush walk can be a lovely way to spend your time (trust me I have many times).

Let me know if you are interested and we can work out the details. If you like the idea but it is too soon let me know and I will add you to an email list for future opportunities.

Regards Tony

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Tomboye Community and Landcare website

Tomboye Community and Landcare website was launched on Saturday the 16th of January 2011.

This is a LaSource Initiative to support our local community and start a local Landcare group. The website has details about the LaSource community and the Landcare activities.

Landcare and related activities will also provide city people an opportunity for a weekend escape and to help with Environmental activities.

Local community information is also provided for the locals and visitors alike.

So, Go on!, have a look !.

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More details on La Source Project Initiatives added to this site

Today we have added more details on La Source Project Initiatives added to this site. Please review these from the home page menu item “Project Initiatives”.

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Hello world! This is LaSource

This is the first post of many at LaSource.net.au If the ideas are of interest to you subscribe to our RSS feed.

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